5-day Money Back Guarantee

The 5-day Money Back Guarantee begins once the customer takes possession of the vehicle. You are entitled to a full refund, covering the purchase price of the car, the 7% TAVT, and the $60 Tag and Title fee. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse dealer fees (starting at $299), Lender fees (if financed), or the 3.5% CC processing fee.

There are several conditions attached to our 5-day Money Back Guarantee. The trial period begins on the day the vehicle is received. If you choose to return the vehicle, please notify us in writing before 5pm EST on the fifth calendar day after receipt. Return arrangements will be made at that time. Additionally, you are allowed to drive the vehicle for up to 250 miles during the 5-day trial period. If the car is driven beyond 5 days or exceeds 250 miles, a 10% restocking fee may apply for returns.

Please be aware:

We cannot accept returns if the car has been modified, damaged, or altered from its original condition when delivered.

We appreciate your business.