3-day Money Back Guarantee

The 3-day Money Back Guarantee becomes effective upon the customer’s receipt of the vehicle. You are eligible to receive a full refund, encompassing the car’s purchase price, the 7% TAVT, and the $60 fee for Tag and Title. Regrettably, we are unable to reimburse dealer fees (which start at $299) or the CC processing fee (3.5%).

Several conditions are associated with our 3-day Money Back Guarantee. The trial period commences on the day the vehicle is received. Should you opt to return the vehicle, kindly inform us in writing prior to 5pm EST on the third calendar day following receipt. Arrangements for the return will be coordinated at that juncture. Moreover, you have the liberty to drive the vehicle for up to 300 miles within the 3-day trial period. In cases where the car is driven beyond 3 days or surpasses 300 miles, a 10% restocking fee might be applicable for returns.

Please note:

We cannot accept a return where the car has been modified, damaged, or altered from its original condition when we delivered it to you.

We appreciate your business.